Though I always loved you…..

Mom In Heaven
Mom In Heaven


Though I always loved you,

Yet I have regrets!!!!

You departed for heavenly abode,

Where you are resting in peace!!

Mom it’s too late to tell you,

What you are and were for me.

Lord, knows my stress!!

Well, it’s no time to express!!

How much I love you?  Miss you?

Wandering to embrace you……..,

Your pleasant smile and fragrance,

Makes me feel you are around me.

You were so fond and proud of me,

And I’m privileged to be part of thee.

Your unconditional love and passion for me,

And my blind faith and trust in you….

Alas! Together, we build a strong bond,

That no one can’t ever even break….

I know you are still around me,

As you rejuvenate my soul in dreams.

Wish those dreams never end,

My immense pleasure, vision and mission.


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